When you look at all areas of your life -relationships, career, money, health, spiritual progress – are you satisfied? Or do you feel that you are stuck and not moving forward in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to tackle those areas where you want to progress with very simple techniques? That you no longer feel that life is living you, but that you know a life of infinite possibilities. That you can embrace life as it was meant to be: life of your own free will.


I have experience with:

I started training NEI (neuron-emotional integration). Because I wanted to work with different techniques in my practice that complement each other and are supportive for my clients, I then followed a training in Family Constellations. And, finally, a course in Ancestral Clearing.

“We are artists and we use our thoughts to paint images of reality. So, if you don’t like the feeling of the painting, or it hasn’t come out the way you hoped, you have an inner ability to paint the painting again and with a fresh look.”

A. Giesberger

Ancestral Clearing

Family Constallations



Agnès Giesberger

By undertaking specialist training courses and many other short courses and workshops, I got to know myself well in all aspects. I have been able to solve the many themes that have played a part in my life and gave them their rightful place. As a result, I now enjoy life and myself much more. And my environment has started to do the same.

I want to help!

The methods I use:


In my practice I mainly work with three therapeutic modalities.

Ancestral Clearing

Family Constellations

NEI (Neuron-Emotional Integration).

All take emotional blockages, beliefs and patterns as a starting point and often bring immediate insight and enlightenment. It is not the intention to relive old traumas. Nor is it meant to be a long talk. We’ll get straight to work on your question or the problem you’re facing.

And, I haven’t been sitting idly the past few years either. In addition to my training, I’ve also followed quite a few workshops and courses. All this added knowledge and skills can be put to use during my work. Of course with an additional large portion of life experience and an ever-growing library.

Ancestral clearing

Ancestral Clearing is based on the knowledge that trauma and emotional wounds that once occurred in your family history, and have not yet been resolved, are still present in your nervous system and cellular memory. The direct result of this is that these unresolved traumas are passed on to us from generation to generation and determine how we act or react, without us being aware that we are carrying this with us. And we continue to carry it until we decide to heal.

Many forms of healing and personal development allow us to grow to a certain level, but after a while we often feel like we are falling back into old patterns and behaviors, as if there is no other way. We may have solved our part of the problem, but ancestral traumas still live within us and that’s what doesn’t allow us to achieve permanent healing.

With Ancestral Clearing, we open the way to a life that is lived on the basis of our own choices and free will, without being consciously or unconsciously guided by what we have carried with us until then.

This is also the power of this method: it brings permanent healing.

Ancestral Clearing lends itself very well for a private phone session. It is not necessary to come to the practice for this.


For a more scientific explanation click here.


Family Constellations
Family constellations is a much-discussed and relatively new therapeutic method, which makes problems clear and solvable. Not through analysis or conversations, but through unconscious action at the level of the soul. In my practice I work with one-on-one constellations. For this I use dolls or objects of your choice that can represent a certain person or subject related to your question. With these representatives we can make contact with the deeper underlying layers of the problem. In fact, we create a 3D image of what’s really going on. This image provides other, new insights. Once you have seen what shows up in a constellation, you can never ‘not see’ it again. A knowing arises, which can often not be explained rationally, but which often leads to a quick solution of the problem.
NEI (Neuron-Emotional Integration)
NEI aims to quickly show you the unresolved incidents, traumas, and underlying emotions that are related to your problem.There is no need for long talk sessions to detect and make visible the negative emotional patterns that are stored in your subconscious. These patterns cause an imbalance between both hemispheres of the brain which in return causes you to experience a problem. During a NEI session I make contact with your subconscious, assuming that your subconscious is all-knowing. I make that contact by using a simple hand muscle test or by using a biotensor. Furthermore, I use specific protocols and ask clear questions. During the integration, where I activate both hemispheres of your brain, you are made aware of the original emotional event without having to go back to it. Feeling and mind are brought back into balance again, leaving you capable of dealing with whatever you came with. In this way the emotional imbalance is detected and processed (integration). At the end of the consultation it is clear which emotions played an important role in the question you started with. This way of working gives a lot of insight into the cause of your problem, and, also how these emotions reveal themselves in other areas of your life.

My motivation

My main motivation is to help others move on in life. Because, I know from my own experience that everyone can realize positive and permanent changes in their life. And I feel honored and love to be part of someone else’s process.

Because I combine different modalities or use them separately, you can come to me for many different problems. This can be: Dit kan zijn:Doordat ik verschillende technieken combineer of los van elkaar gebruik, kun je voor een groot aantal zaken bij me terecht.

This can be:

  • obstacles with self-development
  • blockages in daily life
  • depression
  • recurring patterns
  • problems with feeling
  • traumas
  • problems with security and borders
  • stagnation in self-love and abundance

A consultation

A consultation in my practice takes about an hour. In that time there is plenty of room to discuss what is going on. Not only in relation to the question you came with, but also how you come across this in other areas of life. In this way we achieve that you see the overall picture and you can start to heal. You can call me or fill out the contact form below to make an appointment.

The costs for a consultation are:

In practice

By phone or Zoom

Ancestral Clearing lends itself very well for a consultation by phone. It is not necessary to come to the practice for this. Of course, you can, should that feel better for you. A telephone consultation takes about 20 minutes. I use Zoom for this, or if you prefer, just the telephone.

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