Practice Agnès Giesberger

When you look at all areas of your life, such as your relationships, career, money, health, and spiritual growth, are you satisfied? Or do you feel stuck or that you are not moving forward in life?

Wouldn’t it be nice to tackle those areas where you want to see change with very simple techniques? That you no longer feel that your life lives you, but that you know a life of infinite possibilities.

Living instead of being lived.

Which therapy do I use?

Ancestral Healing & Clearing

With Ancestral Healing and Clearing we open the way to a life that is lived from our own choices and free will, without being consciously or unconsciously guided by what we have carried with us until then.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a therapeutic method that visualizes problems and thus makes them solvable. Not through analysis or conversations, but through unconscious working at soul level.


With Neuro Emotional Integration, in short NEI, you find the origin of the imbalance that led to your issues. You go to the cause of your issues and restore balance.