Who am I?

A large part of my working life has been in the business sector. In this kind of work I found less and less satisfaction and, increasingly, a need for true meaning.

In short: I wanted to do work where I could make a difference. It was time for change.

I then changed course at age 35 and started doing where my heart was. My interests had long been in the field of health. Not only physical health, but also people’s spiritual and emotional health. I also wanted to take a holistic approach as a starting point. The choice to take courses with this holistic basis was an easy one, and then to start my own practice was a logical next step.

By attending trainings and many courses, I got to know myself well in all aspects. Not all hurts and wrongs have yet been cleared and processed, but I have been able to give many themes in my life their rightful place. As a result, those themes no longer direct my life and I can now enjoy life and myself. And the people around me began to do the same.

I am married to Rob for a long time now. Together we have two grown sons.


My motivation

My main motivation is to help others in life because I know from my own experience that everyone can realize positive and permanent changes in their lives. And I like to be part of this process with others.

Because I combine different therapies or use them separately, you can come to me for a large number of things.

This can be:

  • obstacles to your self-development
  • blockages in daily life
  • recurring patterns
  • traumas
  • problems with security and borders
  • not moving forward in life
  • stagnation in self-love and abundance
  • health problems
  • depression


I make no claims, but I can say that I have seen many positive changes and miracles happen to my clients.