Ancestral Clearing

Ancestral Clearing can be explained in two ways.

One explanation is based on the knowledge that trauma and emotional wounds that have played out in your family history, and that have not been resolved, are still present in your DNA. The direct result of this is that these unresolved traumas are passed on to us from generation to generation and determine what our default action or reaction is, without being aware that we carry it with us. And we keep carrying it and passing it on to the next generation until we decide to heal.

Many forms of healing and personal development allow us to grow to a certain level, but after a while we often feel that we are falling back into old patterns and behaviors, as if there was no other way. We may have solved our part of the problem, but ancestral traumas are still within us and that is what prevents us from achieving permanent healing. Epigenetics is based on this knowledge.

The other explanation is that when trauma is experienced in our lives, we always react as we did back then when the trauma was experienced. It becomes our default way of handling new situations, and that is usually not a healthy or desirable way to do so. By going back to the moment of origin, without reliving it again, it can be dealt with from the root of the cause.

With Ancestral Clearing we open the way to a life that is lived from our own choices and free will, without being consciously or unconsciously guided by what we have carried with us until then.

This is also the power of this method: it brings permanent healing.

I have been trained over the years by John Newton, the founder of Ancestral Clearing. You can find a lot of information and videos about this special work on his website. Click here for more information. In this video he explains in detail on the how. 

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