I offer you my full commitment, safety and openness during a consultation. It is not the intention that old traumas have to be relived. It is also not the intention that lengthy talk sessions are necessary. If you want a no-obligation intake first, that is no problem. Otherwise, we can immediately get to work with your question or problem.

Depending on which form of therapy we start with, a consultation in my practice takes about an hour. During that time there is a lot of room to discuss the things that present themselves. Not only in relation to the question you came up with, but also how you encounter this in other areas of life. This is how we achieve that you will see the big picture and that you can then heal this.

To support your healing, I also use homeopathic remedies and essential oils.

If that suits you better, we can do the Ancestral Clearing method by phone. It is not necessary to come to the practice for this. Such a consultation takes about 20 minutes.

The costs for a consultation

  • In the practice €75
  • By telephone €35