Either way, you always win

This refers to a quote by Byron Katie that I came across on a tear-off calendar. She says “winning is winning and losing is winning.” A remarkable statement that can feel a bit awkward and illogical. She says that life is always a win-win situation because, according to her, the universe doesn’t make mistakes, even if you don’t get what you want. Not getting, for example, a promotion, a loving partner, good health and so on can feel like a loss. And she turns that loss around and turns it into a win. After all, we never know what is good for us or serves us. We simply cannot oversee our whole lives.

Byron Katie says she is certain that when she loses something, she is spared something. Even though at the time she doesn’t know exactly what it is. In hindsight, that may become clear even though it may take some time.

For me, sometimes it is a matter of taking your loss. After all, accepting that you don’t get what you want is also a win!

The lesson then is to examine how to see the gain from an apparent situation of loss.

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