Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a therapeutic method that visualizes problems and thus makes them solvable. Not through analysis or conversations, but through unconscious working at the level of the soul.

In my practice I mostly work with one-on-one constellations. I use dolls or objects of your choice that can represent a certain person or subject that has to do with your question. We use this to create a 3D image of what is actually happening. This image provides different, new insights related to your question.

Once you’ve seen what shows up in a constellation, you can never ‘unsee’ it again. A knowledge arises which often cannot be explained rationally, but which frequently leads to a quick solution of the problem. This happens because thinking, feeling and doing are given space at the same time in a constellation: you can clarify a question, feel what is holding you back, what gives you energy and what you want to stay away from. And, not unimportantly: you can also try it out, experiment and see what happens.

Of course is a large constellation with real representatives possible.


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