NEI (Neuro Emotional Integration)

NEI aims to quickly show you the unresolved incidents, traumas, and underlying emotions that are related to your problem. There is no need for long talks to detect and make visible the negative emotional patterns that are stored in your subconscious. These patterns cause an imbalance between both hemispheres of the brain which in return causes you to experience a problem.

During a NEI session I make contact with your subconscious, assuming that your subconscious is all-knowing. I make that contact by using a simple hand muscle test or by using a biotensor. Furthermore, I use specific protocols and ask clear questions. In this way the emotional imbalance is detected and processed (integration).

During the integration, where I activate both hemispheres of your brain, you are made aware of the original emotional event without having to go back to it. At the end of the consultation it is clear which emotions played an important role in the question you started with. This way of working gives a lot of insight into the cause of your problem, and, also how these emotions reveal themselves in other areas of your life.